Leadership for Sustainability – Powered by Questions

How to create sustainable organizational and business development

“This book shows in great detail how questioning is at the root of leading and managing. By analyzing different types of questions concerning strategy, group management, and culture, the authors show how important it is to ask the right question in moving things forward.”

Edgar Schein, Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management

By Thomas Johansen, Thomas Specht and Henry Kleive

“This insightful book makes the concept of sustainability practical and manageable for organizations. Sustainability calls for a change in leadership style. Leaders must make an impact not by command and control but by asking powerful questions that lead to responsible action. Leading with powerful questions also ensures that the talent of employees is fully leveraged. What I like particularly about the book is that it covers the entire spectrum of key organizational processes: strategy formulation, strategy implementation, people and process management, and culture building. For each topic, useful tools and frameworks are provided to make the concepts actionable. A very useful book that will be valuable to both students and practitioners of management.” 

A. V. Vedpuriswar, Senior Director, Global Leadership Development, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Content themes include 

  • Sustainability – as a mindset and an ethical claim.
  • The art of asking powerful questions – introduction to the powerful question model.
  • Business Model Generation – mapping and developing the organization’s business model.
  • Backcasting – visualizing the future and bridging to the present.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy – differentiation and value innovation.
  • Coaching dialogues – engaging employees in creating ideas and solutions.
  • Guided group dialogues – paths to better coordination and knowledge sharing.
  • Guided group feedback – impactful peer sparring.
  • Strategic process facilitation – bridging vision, processes, and practical efforts.
  • Meeting facilitation – development, and coordination in daily operation.
  • In-the-moment facilitation – reach the goal by adjusting the process.
  • Developing sustainable workplace communities and cultures – from ‘telling’ culture to curious collaboration.

Keywords: Leadership, Sustainability, Management, Business Development, Powerful Questions, Strategy, Meetings, Facilitation, Culture.

263 pages with a lot of illustrations and practical tools.

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