International Partners

Throughout the years we have worked with a still bigger group of international partners. Our common work is a great inspiration in our continous efforts to innovate and develop the systemic field both theoretically and in practice. Carsten Hornstrup is responsible for our international relations and cooperations and he will be happy to answer your questions regarding this

The Taos Institute

Based on the social constructionist theories and ideas, the Taos Institute was established in 1991 by Kenneth Gergen and a number of like-minded people. The institute is a community of instructors, theorists, and practitioners that deal with the social processes essential for the construction of meaning, knowledge, and human values. The Taos Institute is working to achieve their goal of researching, expanding, and disseminating ideas and practice that can advance creative, appreciative, and co-creative processes, among other things, through conferences, workshops, publications, newsletters, and a PhD programme.

In August 2009 The Taos Institute and MacMann Berg co-created ”Constructing Worlds” in Copenhagen, an international 4-day conference with almost 200 international participants.

From the Taos Community MacMann Berg especially collaborates with Kennenth Gergen, Sheila McNamee and Harlene Anderson who are regular guest speakers and teachers at our International Diploma and Master programmes.

MacMann Berg have been invited to take part in the dialogue and be part of sharing and developing practice and visions for the community as an “Associate of the Taos Institute”.

Kevin Barge

Kevin Barge is a professor of Communication at the Department of Communication, Texas A&M University, USA. Kevin Barge has primarily done research within management and language from a systemic constructionist approach. MacMann Berg uses Kevin Barge as a permanent instructor at our international Diploma and Master Programme in Systemic Leadership and Organisation Studies.

Karl Tomm

Karl Tomm is a professor of psychiatry at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Calgary, Canada. Karl Tomm’s significant contribution to the systemic field is his development of a question-type model that has greatly influenced therapy and systemic leadership and organisation development. Karl Tomm is also part of the team of instructors at MacMann Berg’s international Diploma and Master Programme.