Welcome to MacMann Berg

MacMann Berg is a Danish consultancy company working with leadership and organizational development. We are strongly inspired by systemic, constructionist and appreciative ideas and practices. We are a purpose driven organization, and believe that our actions are required to have a markable value in practice. Our ambition is to be leading in this field by strengthening our theoretical systemic foundation and practice, and continuously look for new and innovative approaches to working with organizations and business development.

We believe that most organizations already have the knowledge and competencies needed to thrive and develop. Consequently, it becomes crucial to develop positive relations and learning cultures that focus on how to nurture and motivate knowledge sharing and the development of competencies. We believe that management is the central driver of creating such a culture, and the on-going development and training of managers is thus an important element in any organizational development.

Based on a systemic and relational approach we offer consultancy services within strategic organizational and leadership development. We work on specific projects involving training in fields such as AI, Team Appraisals, Process Facilitation, and Coaching, and we also have open and customized training courses in systemic leadership.

For more inspiration on our work with systemic leadership, we highly recommend reading our book published in cooperation with TAOS; Developing Relational Leadership: Resources for Developing Reflexive Organizational Practices.

If you want to know more about MacMann Berg and our international work and relations, please contact Thomas Johansen.

About Thomas Johansen

Thomas Johansen, Partner and Chief consultant at MacMann Berg, is educated teacher and holds a MA in Educational Studies from Aarhus University, and a MSc in Systemic Leadership and Organisational Studies from University of Bedfordshire, UK. He has been Secretary General of FDF – a Danish scout association with more than 25.000 members and 20 fulltime employees. Furthermore, Thomas has worked as research assistent at Learning Lab Denmark, an International research institute at Aarhus University focusing on learning and action research. His ambition is to develop organizations, people and communities through better and more valuable leadership – for, by and with business. Thomas is the author of two books and several articles on organizational and managerial issues and challenges.